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Historians of Hatfield

Information on Hatfield historians and their published works.


Jack Olding of Mayfair and Caterpillar Island, Hatfield

Sadly, a largely forgotten entrepreneur who established a base in Hatfield, and whose company made a significant contribution to Britain.


Hatfield in World War II

Although only a small town Hatfield made a significant contribution to the war effort.


HMS Tweed (K250) – Hatfield's forgotten warship

Hatfield sponsored this Royal Navy warship, which was lost in action during WWII.


Oak and Hatfield

The Oak tree, emblematic of Britain, has also featured in Hatfield's history.


Hatfield in World War I

Apart from being used a testing ground for a famous 'secret' weapon, Hatfield town and district citizens served with distinction in the armed forces.


Vincenzo Lunardi – First man to navigate the skies over England (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

While Hatfield is known for its contribution to heavier-than-air flight, its first brush with manned flight happened centuries earlier.


Making the Hatfield Ruway by Roger de Mercado (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

Hatfield played a part in the story of ground-breaking aircraft but some of them needed a solid foundation to return safely.


Mystery of HMS Tweed

Although often depicted as a victim in historic accounts of the Battle of the Atlantic, HMS Tweed may well have drawn first blood.


Queenswood and Hatfield

A leading girls' school in Brookman's Park is closely associated with Hatfield.


Airspeed (Aviation and Aerospace subsection)

Created by former DH employees, Airspeed Ltd was later taken over to become part of the de Havilland and Hatfield story.


Giants of the Tree World

Hatfield is home to many varieties of trees. Including specimens of the largest tree in the world that are arboreal signposts for some of the town's historic locations.


Wing Commander Ian Richard Gleed (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

RAF WWII ace killed in action in North Africa. Made his first flight, as a schoolboy, from Hatfield.


BAe146 Hangar (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

The last hangar built at Hatfield is sadly no more but memories and photographs of it survive.


John Stroud – illustrator, aviation expert and historian (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

Childhood Hatfield resident who grew into a renown figure in the aviation press. Includes link to a reproduction of an article detailing his memories of Hatfield. 


Dr Lokusatu Heva Sumanadasa – pilot, engineer and educator (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

An overseas student pilot from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) who achieved great heights back home.


First British and Hatfield aeroplane flights (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

Information on the first aeroplane flights in British skies and the skies over Hatfield.


Moorhouse, Rhodes and Rhodes-Moorhouse VC, DFC  (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

The story of the first pilot over Hatfield is about one family's bravery and tragedy.


The Victoria Cross – Britain's top bravery award

The story of Britain's top gallantry award, and Hatfield links to some of the people who won it.


HMS Tweed – Mystery solved?

Proof that HMS Tweed did strike first in the Battle of the Atlantic. And some indications as to her target.


Gordon Brettell and The Great Escape (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

The remarkable life story and tragic end of a racing driver turned fighter pilot turned Great Escaper.


Guide to The Great Escape (Aviation and Aerospace section feature)

Questions and answers about The Great Escape, including a glossary and list of books and films.


'Lost' Casualties of WWI – Bedfordshire Regiment and Hertfordshire Regiment

The official Casualty Rolls, published in 1921, give the names of men who were either born in Hatfield or enlisted here but are not recorded on the official town memorials. But their loss would have been felt by the friends and families they left behind.


Council of Hatfield 680 AD

An important meeting of the early Church took place at Hatfield reportedly in 680 AD. Exactly where and when is still the subject of debate. But it still could be this Hatfield.


A World of Hatfield – Geography, Genealogy and History

Hatfield is an ancient name and it has spread far and wide across the globe. This feature looks at some of the places, people, books, businesses, clubs, events, and others using the name.


Roy Cross – Artist and Author

One of Britain's master painters became interested in art while spending his summer holidays at Smallford. He remembers visiting Hatfield as a child and later as an adult on various aviation art commissions. His art made the fortunes of Airfix and helped him make the transition from commercial to fine art. Today he is one of the world's leading marine painters.


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