Studying in Hatfield

Every year a new generation of students enrol in Hatfield schools. While students come from all corners of the globe to study with the town's main tertiary education provider (and employer) the University of Hertfordshire (UH). For most, these will be some of the happiest days of their lives.


If you're one of these new students then the information on this site will, hopefully, help you to understand the town and make the most of your time here. Apply yourself to your studies and life and who knows? One day there could be a section of this site dedicated to your success.

For most students detailed information can be found on your new school's web site or one of the UH sites and the National Union of Students (NUS) site. Another site well worth visiting is the University and Higher Education section on the UK Government web site Directgov – click here for a link.

The information in this Student section is mainly suitable for university students, as most of them will be travelling away from their homes (and for many overseas students this will be their first visit to Britain). So, they need more help.

Please note: For Intellectual Property reasons web sites mentioned or listed will not automatically contain hyperlinks (unless explicit permission to link to them has been given).

Some things to consider before moving to Hatfield

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Some things to consider while in Hatfield

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Student accommodation (Hatfield and surroundings)

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Travel advice (holidays)

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Good luck with your studies!


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