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From the buildings to the runway or the thrilling air shows and the planes and people that came to Hatfield for them – they all have a story to tell. Some of the buildings have survived, while roads in Hatfield have been named after people who didn't. Below are just a few of these stories and reminders of Hatfield's and aviation's glory days (in alphabetical order).



Aviation trail Reminders and remnants of de Havillands

Hatfield was once one of the most important sites in British aviation. Today only a few traces remain.

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BAe146 Hangar

The 146 Hangar was the last to be built at Hatfield and was used for the final assembly of British Aerospace 146 Whisper Jets. As hangars go this one had a thoroughbreed pedigree. Sadly, now only photos and memories remain.

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First British and Hatfield aeroplane flights

The first flight over Britain was made by an American Wild West showman. The first over Hatfield was by an Englishman who was part Maori.

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Flight Test Hangar

The Flight Test Hangar is the only remaining hangar at Hatfield, and is the largest surviving building relating to the town's aviation heritage. When it was built in the 1950s it was the world's largest aluminium structure.

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Francis Frith collection photos of de Havilland buildings

Photographs of the de Havilland admin block, factory and the Technical School taken in the Fifties and Sixties (strictly speaking the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School would have moved to Astwick Manor) are featured in the Francis Frith collection section.

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Guide to The Great Escape

Questions and answers about The Great Escape, including a glossary and list of books and films.

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Hatfield Aerodrome Heritage Trail

Opened in late 2010, this heritage Lottery funded project offers a structured way of taking a look at what was one of the most important sites in aviation history.

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Hatfield Airfield – Roads to Remember

Reminders of Hatfield's aviation glory days can be found in the names of some of the roads on the old airfield site.

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Making the Hatfield Runway

Ground-breaking new aircraft required facilities capable of withstanding the forces unleashed by jet propulsion. The runway at Hatfield was technically revolutionary in its own right.

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Moving story – the most historic de Havilland building

The oldest building associated with the de Havilland Aircraft Company isn't in Hatfield – but it was once upon a time.

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More information on key events can be found in the Claims to Fame section.

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