Hatfield Picture Postcard Tour – 3


monochrome Salisbury Square postcard

Hatfield, Salisbury Square – unused, undated F Frith & Co Ltd postcard. This Francis Frith view doesn't appear in their online collection featured on this site. It does show the cottages in the original Salisbury Square and Jacob's Ladder – the flight of steps on the right – leading up to Church Street. The cottages once housed men of the Hertfordshire Militia. St Ethelreda's Church is visible without a steeple indicating this picture was taken after 1930.


monochrome postcard view of London Road

London Road, Hatfield – used Real Photo Post Card postcard. Postmarked 21 August 1913. The building on the left is the London Road School. The three chimneys of the Salisbury Temperance Hotel can be seen on the right in the background (with the single chimney of the Post Office visible before it). J Grays Garage signs are visible behind the car. In front there is an AA Agent above the Garage sign with a Michelin sign suspended below. Registration on the car is AR1115.


monochrome postcard view of London Road

London Road, Hatfield – unused, undated Kingsway Real Photo Series postcard. London Road is the A1000 Great North Road. The signs for Waters Garage are visible behind the car, which has the registration AR1407.


monochrome postcard view of London Road

London Road, Hatfield – unused, undated James Cox, Stationer, Hatfield postcard. Taken further south of Hatfield, London Road School building visible on the left and the three chimneys of the Salisbury Temperance Hotel in the distant background.


Park Lodge monochrome postcard

Park Lodge, North Road, Hatfield – used, undated and unbranded postcard. Shows the lodge on the A1000 Great North Road covered in ivy and with ornate chimney pots.


monochrome postcard view of Hatfield Park Lodge

Hatfield Park Lodge – unused, undated James Cox, Stationer, Hatfield postcard. Printed in Germany. This entrance to Hatfield Park is located off the A414 Hertford Road.


monochrome postcard view of Dagmar School 

Dagmar School, North Road, Hatfield – unused, undated and unbranded postcard. Printed in Bavaria. Shows Dagmar School on the Great North Road just before the bend that used to led to the Wrestlers Bridge across the railway lines. The buildings have been demolished (BDO Stoy Hayward and Colonial House occupy the site) and the road bridge collapsed in 1966, and was replaced by a footbridge – severing the Great North Road.


St Audrey's School monochrome postcard 

St Audrey's Senior School, Hatfield – used, unbranded postcard. Postmarked 30 March 1937. Seen from School Lane the two-storey Countess Anne building can be seen behind along with part of the Methodist Church on St Albans Road East. This St Audrey's School building was destroyed by a V1 strike on 10 October 1944. The site is now occupied by Countess Anne School.


monochrome postcard view of Hatfield Police Station

Hatfield "The Police Station" – used The Hatfield Series (No.95) postcard. Postmarked 13 May 1907. This site was demolished and even the replacement police station has since been moved to the airfield site.


monochrome postcard view of the sanatorium

Santorium, Hatfield – used postcard with an owl in a tree branch brown logo. Postmarked 19 March 1906. The sanatorium, called Chantry House, was built by Lady Gwendolen Cecil (daughter of the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury) at the junction of Woods Avenue and Bishops Rise. She also had pine trees planted in the garden to give an alpine touch.


monochrome postcard view of Camfield Place

Camfield Place Hatfield – unused, undated Real Photo Post Card postcard. Shows Camfield Place on the outskirts of Hatfield Parish. Dating back to Tudor times it served as a home to Beatrix Potter and Dame Barbara Cartland (please see Claims to Fame – Authors).


monochrome postcard view of St Michaels, Woodside

St Michaels, Woodside, Hatfield – used, unbranded postcard. Postmarked 9 September 1912. St Michael's Nursing Home still exists but as Woodside was one of the parts of the Parish of Hatfield transferred in 1927 it now comes under Welwyn Garden City.


monochrome aerial view postcard of Queenswood School

Queenswood School, Hatfield, Hertfordshire – unused, undated Aero Pictorial Ltd postcard. A reminder of Hatfield's past as a district and the largest parish in Hertfordshire. Queenswood Girls' School is now usually described as being situated in Brookmans Park.


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