Images of Hatfield – Dusk

This section contains photographic images taken in Hatfield after sunset.

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Twilight – light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon in morning or (usually) evening.

Dusk – a darker stage of twilight.


Goldings House at dusk from Link Drive

Goldings House, with the corner of Queensway House just visible, from Link Drive.


House on the corner of Fore Street with former Salisbury restaurant beyond

House on the corner of Fore Street and The Broadway, with the chimneys of the former Salisbury restaurant visible in the distance.


DH88 Comet Racer model and top of The Comet Hotel

DH.88 Comet Racer model and roof of The Comet Hotel.


Leafless trees silhouetted against the dusk sky

Trees bordering the field off Lane End framed by the glowing embers of the day (perhaps more twilight than dusk).


Dog Kennel Lane, Hatfield town centre

Dog Kennel Lane, Hatfield Town Centre, with Asda and Hatfield Swim Centre visible beyond.


Glebe Cottages, French Horn Lane

Glebe Cottages, French Horn Lane.


Entrance to the Student Halls of Residence, Bishops Rise

Entrance to the Student Halls of Residence, Bishops Rise.


Simmonds the Bakers shop and head office

Simmons Bakery and Head Office, The Parade.


Bishops' Hatfield Girls' School Hall and the bare branches of an Oak tree

Bishop's Hatfield Girls' School Hall and Oak tree from Woods Avenue.


Houses and trees down Cedar Road

View down Cedar Road from the Lark Rise end.


Silhouettes of houses and trees down Willow Way

View down Willow Way, South Hatfield.


Former route of the St Albans Road, now Hatfield town centre

Night falls over Hatfield Town Centre – this pedestrianised section was once the route of the St Albans Road (the Francis Frith Photos section has a picture of how it looked around 1955 when the road ran through the town centre).


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