Hatfield Park War Cemetery Roll of Honour

Three of the casualties buried here died after the end of World War II. It is not clear, without further research, whether they died of injuries received during this conflict. It is possible that one or more may have been killed on active service in the post-war clean-up operation, when literally thousands of tons of ordnance littered the world.


ASKEY, Herbert, Gunner
Royal Artillery

8 December 1939

[CWGC entry: service no. 1481454; age 39; Grave 1]


BIRD, Walter Fuller, Lance Sergeant
Royal Artillery

22 December 1940

[CWGC entry: service no. 2047523; age unknown; Grave 5]


BROOM, Wilfred Henry, Squadron Leader (Navigator)
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

12 May 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 64898; age 24; Grave 19]


BROWNSELL, John Stewart, Sergeant (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner)
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

16 January 1942

[CWGC entry: service no. 748564; age 21; Grave 11.
Also commemorated on the Hatfield War Memorial]


BUDLER, John Frederick Cartwright, Driver
Royal Army Service Corps

13 December 1943

[CWGC entry: service no. T/330106; age 43; Grave 17]


BULLICK, Ralph, Private
Suffolk Regiment

26 February 1942

[CWGC entry: service no. D/35439; age 51; Grave 13]


CHANDLER, Arthur, Private
Suffolk Regiment

9 September 1941

[CWGC entry: service no. D/41113; age unknown; Grave 8]


DIXON, Sidney George, Private
Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry

16 January 1941

[CWGC entry: service no. 5381513; age unknown; Grave 6]


EAGLES, Arthur Henry, Corporal
Royal Corps of Signals

21 September 1941

[CWGC entry: service no. 2588477; age unknown; Grave 9]


EDWARDS, C, Sergeant
Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

28 May 1946

[CWGC entry: service no. D/35244; age unknown; Grave 20]


HOAD, James, Private
Pioneer Corps

24 January 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 13036918; age unknown; Grave 18]


JONES, Albert Joseph, Warrant Officer Class I (RSM)
Corps of Military Police

6 August 1943

[CWGC entry: service no. 4966735; age 38; Grave 15]


JONES, Douglas Walter, Private
Hampshire Regiment

11 December 1940

[CWGC entry: service no. 5498167; age 38; Grave 4]


KNUDSON, Kenneth Anderson, Leading Aircraftman (Pilot under training)
Royal Air Force

8 October 1940

[CWGC entry: service no. 657973; age 25; Grave 10]


MOORE, William, Leading Aircraftman (Pilot under training)
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

2 September 1941

[CWGC entry: service no. 1033313; age 18; Grave 7]


SCROPE, John H F, Aerodynamics Department Flight Observer
de Havilland Aircraft Company

23 August 1943

[CWGC: no entry as not classed as a member of the armed forces.
John Henry Francis Scrope was killed along with John de Havilland (pilot) when the DH.98 Mosquito they were flight testing collided with another]


SEYDERHELM, Ernest Edward, Lance Sergeant
Royal Army Ordnance Corps

18 June 1946

[CWGC entry: service no. 13058745; age 31; Grave 21]


SMART, Albert, Gunner
Royal Artillery

8 August 1940

[CWGC entry: service no. 951930; age 21; Grave 2(?)]


WALSH, Joseph Samuel, Lance Corporal
Corps of Military Police

7 November 1940

[CWGC entry: service no. 6977525; age 25; Grave 3]


WILLIAMS, Thomas, Private
Royal Army Medical Corps

27 February 1943

[CWGC entry: service no. 14226813; age unknown; Grave 14]


WILMOT, William John Joseph, Petty Officer Stoker Mechanic
Royal Navy

6 August 1947

[CWGC entry: service no. P/KX 93764; age 27; Grave Special Memorial]


WILSON, John, Staff Sergeant
Royal Artillery

2 February 1942

[CWGC entry: service no. 2037265; age 38; Grave 2(?)]


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