Hatfield's WWII Roll of Honour (T-Z)



THOMPSON, Richard Mc Kinley, [no rank details]
Royal Marines

Hamburg, May 1945

[CWGC entry: service no. PO/X 112174; age 22; 1A. B. 11, Hamburg Cemetery. Entry lists name as Richard McKinley Thompson, rank as Marine, and date of death as 08.05.1945]


TYLER, John, Sergeant
Monmouth Regiment

Holland, December 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 5952296; age 25; Row 1. Grave 7A, Swartbroek Churchyard. Entry lists date of death as 18.12.1944]


VENABLES, Joseph Albert, Lance Sergeant
Royal Engineers

Holland, October 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 2132500; age 29; 7. B. 7, Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery. Entry lists date of death as 29.10.1944]


WALLIS, Robert Wilfred, Rifleman
Rifle Brigade

Italy, July 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 6969559; age 23; VI. A. 2, Arrezo War Cemetery. Entry lists date of death as 29.07.1944]


WATT, Sidney Miller, Bombardier
Royal Artillery

PoW, Sarawak [Borneo, Malaysia], July 1945

[CWGC entry: service no. 1735694; age 38; R. E. 10, Labuan War Cemetery. Entry lists date of death as 19.07.1945]


WEEDON, Frederick N., Private
Queen's Royal Regiment

Caen, June 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 5951765; age 27; Panel 12, Column 3, Bayeux Memorial. Entry lists name as Frederick Norman Weedon, unit as The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey), and date of death as 16.06.1944]


WEST, Gerald Arthur (DFM), Flying Officer
Royal Air Force

Berlin, December 1943

[CWGC entry: service no. 139516; age 30; Coll. grave 14. D. 10-15, Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Entry lists branch as Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, and date of death as 02.12.1943]


WILLIAMS, Alfred A., Private
Royal Army Medical Corps

Malaya [Malaysia], September 1943

[CWGC entry: service no. 7521439; age 28; 2. D. 71, Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (Thailand). Entry lists name as Alfred Amos Williams, and date of death as 19.09.1943]


WOODCOCK, David George Olney, Captain
King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

Anzio, February 1944

[CWGC entry: service no. 138918; age 30; III, N, 8, Anzio War Cemetery. Entry lists date of death as 20.02.1944]


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