Hot topics – current issues facing Hatfield

This section contains information on some of the current issues impacting or likely to have a major impact on Hatfield and the people who live here.


WHBC expansion threat to Hatfield's Green Belt

WHBC Emerging Core Strategy 2011-2029 proposals (currently open for public consultation until 31 January 2013) would see the bulk of new housing for the borough located in Hatfield. Hatfield Garden Village, in particular, and the recently opened Ellenbrook Fields nature park appear to be most vulnerable. However, there are other parts of the Hatfield Green Belt which are also threatened.

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Hatfield Town Council review petition

Local MP and cabinet minister Grant Shapps recently unveiled a campaign for a 3,000 signature petition needed to start a discussion on the future of the Hatfield Town Council. This historic local authority is blamed by some for being the reason why people in Hatfield pay more but get less.
[published 11 February 2011 – live issue]

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The incinerator threat to Hatfield

The chances that a massive incinerator is going to be sited in Hatfield have increased from 25 per cent to 50 per cent. Hertfordshire County Council's (HCC) plans will blight Hatfield and the people who live here and in the surrounding areas for at least the next quarter of a century – if they are allowed to go ahead unopposed.
28.04.11 decision announced to chose Hatfield as the site.
[published 31 January 2011 – live issue]

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Alternative Voting – Hatfield's last best hope?

On Thursday, 5 May 2011, Hatfield voters go to the polls to vote on local government and a crucial referendum on whether to change the voting system to a more representative one. It could be Hatfield's last chance to get a fair deal instead of the now usual raw one.
[published 1 May 2011]

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