Images of Hatfield – Snowfield

This section contains images of a snow-covered Hatfield and surroundings.

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Snow is frozen and crystallised water vapour. The type of crystal influences the type of snow formed or whether it falls as hail. While there are a number of types, the snow that falls in Hatfield is usually either dry and powdery (and blows about in the wind) or a damper, more soggy consistency (and can build up on roofs). While it looks attractive, it can be dangerous as it covers up holes and other tripping hazards. It poses the greatest danger on roads and pavements, where it's likely to be compressed into black ice. Hatfield generally doesn't get a lot of snow and it usually melts within 48-hours when it does. However, climate patterns are changing (and it has lasted for longer in 2008 and 2009, while early 2010 saw the harshest winter for some thirty years).


snow covered former de Havilland HQ building

Former de Havilland Aircraft Company headquarters building


 snow covered T-Mobile HQ buildings

Some of the T-Mobile headquarters buildings


snow covered entrance to the de Havilland Campus

Entrance to the de Havilland Campus


swan at the fence of Ellenbrook Park looking towards the University Halls of Residence

Swan at the edge of the Ellenbrook Park looking at the de Havilland Campus student halls


snow covered former Control Tower and Comet Assembly building

Former Control Tower and Flight Test Hangar


snow covered Cat and Fiddle pub

 Cat and Fiddle pub


snow covered College Lane Campus entrance

Entrance to the College Lane Campus


snow covered White Lion Square

 White Lion Square, Hatfield town centre


snow covered Hatfield railway station from overhead bridge across tracks

Hatfield railway station


snow covered Hatfield Arms pub

Hatfield Arms pub


Snow covered Fore Street from the base of the hill

Fore Street


snow covered Woods Avenue at the junction with Elm Drive

Woods Avenue at the junction with Elm Drive


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