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This section contains photographic images of Stream Woods, a long narrow stretch of woodland bordering the railway line before Hatfield station when travelling from London. It is classed as 'ancient woodland' and the stream ends in a swallow hole.


trees back lit by sunlight - lush green foliage

Tree canopies catching the sunlight – mainly Hornbeams.


swallow hole steps - steps with wood railings leading down an incline

Steps leading to the swallow hole – although on most days there is nothing much to see as the stream just appears to end in a small muddy pool.


beginning of the autumn leaf fall - yellow leaves start littering the ground

Beginning of Autumn – yellow leaves start to carpet the ground.


Autumn at the high pasture - more red leaves emerge

As Autumn progresses – the reds start to emerge in the leaves and the leaf litter grows.


Flooded swallow hole and valley - at the foot of the stairs the pond is a lake

Stream Woods party piece – after periods of prolonged rain or an underground collapse, the swallow hole can either get overwhelmed or temporarily blocked. The whole ravine can flood – even to the extent of cutting off the footpath running next to the school playing fields.


Last of the leaves for the year - the deepest reds and yellows before they drop

Last hurrah for the year – deciduous tree leaves blaze a bright farewell to the year.


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