Images of Hatfield – Leafy Hatfield (Close up)

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This section contains photographic images of some close ups of leaves in Hatfield. It shows details which you generally don't see if you're whizzing around in a car.


Horse-chestnut leaves back lit by sunlight

Horse-chestnut leaves – caught in the sunlight. Many common British tree species are under threat. Spots of mould are visible in this picture and proof that we cannot take our trees for granted.


Variegated Plane leaves - Green and white combination

Variegated Plane Tree leaves – an unusual form can be seen on and around the Bishops Rise end of Woods Avenue.


Flame Tree leaves, autumn - bright reds and yellows

Stag's-horn Sumach – native to North America but an autumn favourite in Hatfield.


Monkey Puzzle's spiny leaves

Monkey Puzzle, Ellenbrook area – incorrectly called Monkey Puzzle by the Victorians (no naturally occurring primates in its native Chile) who introduced it to Britain. An ancient species which developed its spiny leaves to deter hungry dinosaurs.


Plane Tree leaves in Autumn

Plane Tree leaves – part of the autumnal colour display.


Leaf litter on the floor - the year's end

Leaf litter – marks the end of another year. Time to rest through winter and renew in Spring for many species (deciduous ones – evergreens, as the name suggests, keep their leaves).


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