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This section contains photographic images of the tree canopies that decorate Hatfield.


London Plane trees in early autumn

London Plane Trees – common around Hatfield town. Prized for their ability to trap particles of pollution in their bark, which they shed in small flakes. An environmental asset.


Vegetation bordering a playing field

Mixed trees and shrubs – lining a footpath and border of a playing field.


Spring blossoms - two trees on either side of a footpath

Spring blossoms – some trees, like Cherry, make their spring display a lot more noticeable than others. The tree on the left is also in bloom but its flowers are green.


tree canopy providing overhead shade

Looking up into the tree canopy – close to the town centre these trees provide shade for one of the pedestrian underpasses.


Autumn leaf display - loads of bright reds and yellows

The autumn leaf spectacle – some species wait till later in the year to make their presence felt.


Poplars amidst the autumn foliage - more reds than greens

Poplars in autumn – sadly Poplars are another tree species that have been affected by disease and some of these are no longer standing.


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