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This section contains photographic images of flowers seen around Hatfield. Some are traditional British flowers, others have been introduced from much further afield.


daffodil or narcissus - single bloom with five white petals and a egg yolk-like calyx

A Daffodil or Narcissus catching the sunlight – one of many that can be seen lining the roadside in Spring.


A carpet of mainly purple crocuses

Crocuses – a welcome sign of Spring after the Winter months.


Tulips in full bloom - contrasting bright reds and yellows

Tulips – more Spring favourites.


Iris - single bloom with largely purple petals with a yellow patch at their base

Iris – another Spring bloom.


Buttercups in a field - the small yellow flowers contrasting against the wide open space and blue sky

Buttercups – another traditional favourite but appears later on in the year.


Wild flower - pink and white petals

Wild flower – possibly a blackberry.


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