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This section contains photographic images of some of the insect and animal life seen around Hatfield.


13-spot Ladybird approaching a green aphid along a stem

Ladybird – about to do a gardener a favour by devouring the green aphid.


Young Llama by the fence in a field

Llama – not exactly a common sight but shows how British agriculture is changing, and a reminder that Hatfield town is surrounded by the Hertfordshire countryside.


Canada goose on the water at Ellenbrook

Canada Goose – one of the birds to try out the Ellenbrook Nature Park on the airfield site.


Heron perched on decking alongside an ornamental pond

Heron – this camera-shy example was caught checking out the ornamental pond near the Computacenter complex on the Airfield Business Park.


A male swan or cob on a grass bank at Ellenbrook

Swan – this is a male or cob to use the formal term on a grass bank at Ellenbrook.


Black and white horse eating grass and buttercups

Horse – enjoying itself in a pasture.



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