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J H Hatfield – author (US). Mainly known for his controversial biography on President George W Bush. In the book A Fortunate Son he made a controversial claim about drug use. However, when his own brushes with the law were revealed the original publisher reportedly withdrew the book. He reportedly committed suicide in July 2001, leading to a raft of conspiracy theories.


Jack Hatfield (real name John Gatenby Hatfield) – Olympic swimmer. Won two silver medals and a bronze medal at the Stockholm Olympics, 1912. Won all but one British national swimming event the following year. Took a long time to return to form after military service in WWI but went on to achieve a number of world records. Took part in Antwerp Olympics, 1920; Paris Olympics, 1924; and Amsterdam Olympics, 1928. 1930 captained the British team at the first Commonwealth Games held in Canada. Died in 1965, aged 71. Commemorated in the International Swimming Hall of Fame.


Jack Hatfield – Bluegrass musician, educator and author (US). Involved with the Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy and the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrasss Music of America (SPBGMA). His works include You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin by EarYou Can Teach Yourself Banjo by Ear; The Best Of Jack Hatfield; Banjoy (CD) and Banjonics (CD)


Jack J Hatfield – programmer and technical author (US). Worked for NASA's Langley Research Center. Appears to have been closely involved in the man-machine interface. Author of Trends in Cockpit Display Technology.


James Taft Hatfield – academic (US). Studied at Northwestern University where his family had close ties. Received his PhD at Johns Hopkins and taught at several colleges and universities before returning to Northwestern as a Professor of German. Enlisted in the US Navy during the Spanish-American War (started and finished in 1898, it led to independence for Cuba; Puerto Rico and Guam being given to the USA – and allowed them to 'buy' the Philippines from Spain for $20 million), and returned with the rank of captain. From 1911 onwards he remained in charge of German Department (one source states he was a faculty member from 1889 to 1934). His sister, Emily Hatfield Hobart, also studied at Northwestern and became a Methodist missionary in China, where she killed in an uprising at Tainanfu in 1928. Northwestern's Hobart Hall is named in her memory. Northwestern website also describes James Taft Hatfield as an eminent Latin scholar. He translated several German works into English.


James W Hatfield III (also called Jim Hatfield) – subject author. Appears to be a self-taught herpetologist. Author of Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owner's Manual. Also issues a newsletter on the subject.


Jean Hatfield – culinary author and editor. Edited Woman's Day All Colour Book series and authored several Bloomsbury Books' Country Kitchen series books. Works include Country Kitchen Party Dishes; Country Kitchen Sauces; and Country Kitchen Cheese & Biscuits.


Jerry Hatfield – subject author (US). Expert on vintage American motorcycles. Works include: Harley-Davidson Flatheads; Indian Chief Motorcycles 1922-1953; Inside Harley-Davidson, 1903-45; and Illustrated Indian Motorcycle Buyer's Guide


John Hatfield (c.1668-1770) – soldier. Mentioned in MacKenzie Edward Charles Walcott's Memorials of Westminster (published in 1851). Charged with being asleep on duty, he claimed to have been awake and heard St Paul's clock strike thirteen times at midnight. He was released from the cells and charges dropped when the clock repeated this strange performance at noon. He is said to have lived to the grand age of 102, which was quite a feat in an age when medical science was pretty basic.


John Hatfield (c.1758-1803) – imposter, bigamist, and forger. Born in Cheshire, he was the son of an estate woodsman and a schoolteacher. Married a 'natural' daughter of Lord Robert Manners who gave him £1,500 (a very large amount in those days), which allowed him to move to London and live in Mayfair. However, he ran up debts that forced the family to move to the States. He reportedly deserted his wife and three children and returned to Britain. He repeatedly got into financial difficulties and was rescued by Lord Manners on a number of occasions. Later, he was arrested (not for the first time) after running up debts after posing as Major Hatfield. He some how managed to win the affections of a woman living across the street from the debtors' prison who paid off his debts and married him. Only to be later abandoned pregnant along with their daughter. He tried and failed to get himself elected MP for Queensborough. Later, adopted the guise of the Honourable Colonel Augustus Hope (the 'brother' of a real earl and MP) and tried unsuccessfully to marry a rich heiress, before marrying the daughter of a wealthy landlord, Mary Robinson (the 'Beauty of Buttermere' / 'Maid of Buttermere'). However, press coverage of the 'society' wedding (including a report by Samuel Taylor Coleridge – more famous as a poet) led to his exposure and flight, and the discovery that he was also a forger. Eventually arrested, he was tried and hanged in 1803.


Juliana Hatfield – singer songwriter and musician (US). Once part of Blake Babies, a band she founded with others from the Berklee School of Music. Went solo in 1992 and her first successful release was Hey Babe. Has released several albums since, and has toured widely.


Ken Hatfield (also known as Kenneth K Hatfield) – journalist and author (US). As a journalist in Missouri interviewed his first WWII veteran in 1984. It led to several more interviews, published in book form in 2003 as Heartland Heroes: Remembering World War II.


Ken Hatfield – guitarist, composer, arranger. Works include String Theory, The Surrealist Table, and Phoenix Rising.


Leonard Fraser Hatfield (also known as the Rt. Rev. Leonard Fraser Hatfield) – Anglican Bishop of Nova Scotia, Canada 1980-84. Became a deacon in 1942, and a priest in 1943. Served on many church committees and boards. Founding member of the Vanier Institute of the Family, Ottawa. Died in 2001, aged 81.


Marcia Hatfield – children's author and producer. Worked in journalism, script-writing, and public relations. Although having worked in several genres she achieved fame for Eddie's Alphabet, a 26-part children's TV series first shown on Australian television. Followed by another set children's tv characters, The Toothbrush Family; which was shown in North America. Runs her own company and was inducted into the Australian Writers' Guild in 2010 as a life member.


Mark Hatfield – subject author of  Strength Training for Muscle Development (2005).


Mark Hatfield – US politician. Republican State Representative from Georgia's 177th District (Waycross), first elected in 2004. A lawyer by profession.


Mark Hatfield (also known as Mark O Hatfield / Mark Odom Hatfield) – US politician, academic and author. Served five terms as Senator from Oregon (1967-97). Born in 1922. Served in the US Navy during WWII and saw the destruction caused by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima first hand a month after the event, which had a profound impact on his views. Became a prominent pacifist, pro-life and equal rights campaigner. His liberal views often put him at odds with other Republicans. Was an associate professor of political science at Willamette University (having graduated from Stanford University after the war) before taking up politics. In 1959 became the youngest Governor of Oregon. He was the first prominent Republican to oppose the Vietnam War. Also a lay Baptist preacher. Retired from the Senate in 1997. Died in 2011, aged 89. Works included: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and Against the Grain: Reflections of a Rebel Republican.


Megan Hatfield – author (US). On her website, she is described as a 'dark paranormal romance author' but has also written fantasy, historical, contemporary and erotic. Raised in California, studied in Colorado and lives in Wisconsin. Works include: Shadow of the Vampire, Dragon Warrior and Vampire in Her Mysts.

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