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There are a large number of people in the world using the name Hatfield (particularly as a surname). This is just a small selection of them.

However, it is worth noting that there appears to be a small number of people – mainly in the South East of England – who have changed the spelling to 'Hatfeild'. This has led to cases where the name has been mistakenly 'corrected' to 'Hatfield' (also see Aaron Hatfield).

A prime example is the famous son of Ettrick Gordon Maltby and Aileen Ethel HatfeildSquadron Leader David John Hatfeild Maltby DSO, DFC (60335). He made his mark on RAF history as a flight lieutenant leading one of the flights on 617 Squadron's famous dam-busting raid (and received a Distinguished Service Order for his efforts) but was sadly lost on operations in September 1943. His CWGC entry shows the correct spelling. However, his DSO and DFC Gazette notifications, and his Times obituary, all have the 'Hatfield' spelling.

Please note: information on individuals, especially positions and employment relates to the time of writing, so is liable to change over the years.


Susan Buckingham-Hatfield – lecturer and subject author. Senior lecturer in Geography at Brunel University (where she is listed on their website as Susan Buckingham), she provides expert advice to UN bodies. Also a director of the Women's Environmental Network, and makes broadcast appearances to talk about environmental issues (including on BBC Radio 4's Home Planet programme in 2002). Works include: Gender and Environment; Constructing Local Environmental Agendas : People, Places and Participation; and Understanding Environmental Issues (with Mike Turner, released in 2008).


Aaron Hatfield – 19th Century Sheffield silversmith. Actual name appears to be Aaron Hadfield but the name was apparently misspelt in the Sheffield Assay Office Register as Aaron Hatfield & Sons. Uses the assay mark 'AH' (sometimes with a dot between the 'A' and 'H'. However, the mark also appears to be linked with two other Sheffield silversmiths of the same era: Alexander Hunt and Ashforth & Harthorn).


Agnes B Hatfield – academic and subject author. Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland. Founding member and a president of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI). Works include: Family Education In Mental Illness; Coping With Mental Illness In The Family : A Family Guide; and Aging Caregivers of Adult Disabled Relatives Planning for the Future.


Anthea Hatfield – medical specialist (anaesthetist) and subject author. Best known for The Complete Recovery Room Book (with Michael Tronson). Believed to be Anthea Helen Hatfield, a New Zealander, working as a consultant anaesthetist at Rotorua Hospital.


Audrey Wynne Hatfield – herbalist, subject author, and illustrator. Works include: Flowers That Bloom In Autumn, How to Enjoy Your Weeds; Herb for Every Ill and Magic of Herbs. She also illustrated Companion Plants by Helen Philbrick and Richard B Gregg (1979).


Bill Hatfield – computer expert and subject author – Works include: ASP.NET for Dummies; Active Server Pages For Dummies; Visual Interdev 6 for Dummies; and co-authored Windows XP in 10 Simple Steps or Less with Bradley L Jones.


Bobby Hatfield (1940-2003) American musician. Born Robert Lee Hatfield in Wisconsin. Family moved to California where he eventually met up with William Thomas Medley (Bill Medley). Together they formed the Righteous Brothers in 1962 (although they had previously been in rival bands). Probably best known for their 1964 hit You've Lost That Loving Feeling (written by Phil Spector with Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil) and Bobby Hatfield's solo Unchained Melody (a re-release of a 1950s hit) in 1965. Bill Medley left in 1967 to follow a solo career. Bobby Hatfield continued with Jimmy Walker till 1970. The original duo reunited for spells over the years (first in 1974). They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 before Bobby Hatfield's death later that year.


Brian Hatfield – politician (US). Democrat Senator in the Washington State Senate since 2006. 1994-2004 served in the Washington State House of Representatives (19th District) before being appointed to the State Senate.


Charles Hatfield (also known as Charles M Hatfield /  Charles Mallory Hatfield) – rainmaker / pluviculturalist (US). According to popular accounts he first experimented with making rain on his father's farm (by firing rockets into clouds and releasing a chemical brew from a high tower allegedly). His main claim to fame appears to be when he was retained by the City of San Diego to end a drought in the early 20th Century. Unfortunately, the deluge that apparently followed his efforts triggered a flash flood causing a dam to burst. Several lives were lost and substantial property damage and flooding occurred. Not entirely surprisingly, Hatfield wasn't paid. He then spent years pursuing a legal case against the City unsuccessfully. He never revealed his secrets and opinion remains divided as to whether he had any real rain-making abilities.


Charles F Hatfield – soldier and author. Recorded his wartime memories in his book A Sheffielder's Song (1993). While an internet search suggests there is another Charles F Hatfield (US) with military connections – this time as a helicopter pilot and Major in the US Army. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery during the Vietnam War.


Devil Anse Hatfield – See under Hatfield and McCoy Feud.

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