Hatfield in literature

This is just a sample of some of the books that mention Hatfield or are based on locations in the town. Information on some of the writers known to have visited or lived in Hatfield can be found under Authors.


Samuel Pepys' Diaries – more historical / autobiographical than a literary work but he does record several visits to Hatfield.


Pride and Prejudice – Novel by Jane Austen, mentions Hatfield by name (Chapter 46 or Volume III, Chapter 4).


Oliver Twist – Novel by Charles Dickens, mentions Hatfield by name (during the flight of Bill Sikes after murdering Nancy).


Mrs Lirriper's Lodger – Short story by Charles Dickens, mentions Hatfield by name.


Mrs Lirriper's Legacy – Short story by Charles Dickens, mentions Hatfield by name.


Bellringer Street – Novel by Robert Richardson, modelled on Hatfield but called Capley in the book.


The Custard Stops at Hatfield – Autobiography by Kenny Everitt, not really relevant to the town (like the group Hatfield and the North appears to have simply use the town because of its prominence on motorway signs, which dates back to the town's historical status as the first coaching stop on the Great North Road).


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